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Angels Bebuild Strategy Showing Promise

Los Angeles Angels Spring Training Report

Everybody in baseball, especially those who worked in scouting, were curious to see how the 2021 Draft would pan out. The Angels won each round by beating different pitchers. The Angels’ 20-round, 20-selection Draft consisted entirely of collegiate pitchers (with the exception of the first overall choice).

It’s been a whole year since they signed those 19 arms, and now that they’ve all reported to camp for Year 2, is it unreasonable to assume that maybe this crazy idea is… working?

Ten members of the class reached Double-A, with several spending the full year there. This is despite the fact that first-round choice Sam Bachman (more on him later) was held back by injury. Furthermore, Chase Silseth, the 11th overall pick in the 2021 Draft, is the first player from any team’s draught class to reach the major leagues. The whole Draft group averaged 4.07 earned runs and 1.28 walks allowed per nine innings. The Rocket City Trash Pandas, the team’s Double-A affiliate, dominated the Southern League, going undefeated in both half of the season.

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